We believe your business can have a highly positive impact on your customers, your employees, and your community, and we believe it is our mission to help businesses grow in an ethical and sustainable way.

Our goal is to help the good guys win.

The Kairos Digital Promise:

To always be honest and transparent with everyone we encounter.

If you’re considering reaching out to us, our promise is that you won’t try to be sold. By nature, we are service-oriented, not sales-oriented people. If we can’t help you, we will tell you.

Because we only want to work with people we can actually help.

Two men sitting at a table talking.
Our 4 Core Values

Our core values are the metric by which we hire people, reward people, recognize people, fire people, choose clients, and make business decisions. They are in order of importance and each value must be present for an idea to be a good one.


This means that integrity and transparency are always our highest goal. Nothing is allowed to compromise it.


Being others-focused impacts how we make strategy recommendations, talk to clients about our services, decide what clients to work with, and what staff we build and retain.


We have to be smart. Relying on lazy tactics or acceptable minimums is not okay. If we are not growing in the caliber of our ideas, we are dying.


This is often a client’s 1st goal, but it is our 4th. We will only accomplish this if we are true to the first three. When the first three are taken care of, accomplishing campaign goals becomes the next highest goal.