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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Doesn't Work

Look. If you’re a business owner, you want to know your business is going to grow.

That means you can’t afford to waste money on marketing.

Nothing frustrates us more than seeing good businesses run down paths that waste their time and money. We believe if you are a good business, you should be winning.

One of the key ways we make sure you win is by using the StoryBrand Framework. As a Certified Guide, Stephen Freeman helps your organization clarify their message so customers listen.

Then we translate that clarified message into your website, sales material, emails, business cards, (and everything else) so your business grows and you stop confusing people with your cluttered marketing message.

Skip the frustration of wasting money on bad marketing. It’s time to get a marketing plan that actually works.

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Here's How to Start Your Digital Marketing Project

Number 1

Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll talk through where you’re at, where you need to get to, and what it looks like to get you there.
Number 2

Get A Clear Marketing Plan

We put together a plan to grow your business so you can stop wasting money on marketing.

Number 3

Grow Your Business

We implement a strategy that makes you money and is clear and transparent in every respect.

Begin Your Project

How To Grow Your Business

Your needs are unique. So is your plan.

Let’s put together a plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Brand Clarification

  • Everyone makes a purchasing decision after they read words. The right words make you money. The wrong words waste your money. We make sure you have the right words to grow your business.

Marketing Strategy

  • Maybe you have the right people in place, but you need a compelling plan for them to execute. We map out the full strategy and hand it over. Then your team knocks it out of the park. We’ll celebrate with you at the finish line.

Website Development

  • If your website isn’t converting people, it’s wasting your money and slowing you down. Getting the right words in the right place for your website is the difference between success and failure.

Sales Funnel Creation

  • If you don’t have a sales funnel (or don’t know what one is) we need to talk. A good sales funnel means you have a machine that captures, nurtures, and converts your ideal customers while you sleep.

Digital Marketing

  • From start to finish, we can execute a digital marketing campaign that not only makes your life easier, it makes you money. If you don’t know what your marketing dollars are doing, it’s time to stop wasting money.

Ongoing Consulting

  • It’s like having a Chief Marketing Officer on tap without the payroll that normally comes with it. Scale any number of consulting hours to fit exactly what you need and change it any time. We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need.

StoryBrand Consulting

  • Maybe you’re familiar with the StoryBrand framework but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. Work directly with Certified Guide, Stephen Freeman, to make sure your StoryBrand assets are as strong as they can be.

Graphic Design

  • Logos, brochures, one-sheeters, sell sheets, tradeshow graphics, and much more. If it’s a graphic design project, we can handle it. Plus we make the process simple and fast so you’re not waiting around forever.


  • Sometimes you just need some content. Let’s talk about what the scope is and who we’re trying to engage. Then, we create high-performing copy that gets the results you need. Then you get to sit back and watch it work.

Good Businesses Deserve a Steady Stream of Good Customers.

We understand how frustrating it is to have a good business but still struggle to attract new customers. That’s why we’ve put together a team of marketing professionals who specialize in creating marketing strategies that make you money.

After working with various marketing companies over the years, I've been accustomed to the usual 'hand holding' and longed for the type of initiative that Stephen at Kairos Digital has shown since day one. His ideas are thought out and creative and he has the keen ability to dive into your world and walk you through the best way to tell your story. Highly recommend talking to him about how he can help your business grow!

Kayla LottMarketing Director, Perry Roofing

Stephen is endlessly creative and tirelessly invested in the success of his clients. Our team has been so impressed with his attention, his enthusiasm, and his talent. He has gone above and beyond every expectation and has completely changed the way we approach our external communications.

Any business looking for a personal touch, and a fresh wind of new ideas, should look nowhere else for their marketing needs. I cannot more highly recommend Kairos Digital.

Leah HeweyDirector of Communications, Better Together
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide digital marketing only in the Jacksonville area, or also across the United States?

The good thing about digital marketing is that we can work with you no matter your location. Our office is located in downtown Jacksonville, FL but yours doesn’t have to be.

Do you have set pricing plans, or can you customize your marketing plans to my company’s needs?

We customize each package to our client’s needs. Our only standard service that all of our clients go through is a brand clarity project. The purpose of this is to make sure your customers will be able to understand your message. If your message is unclear, your marketing won’t be effective.

What value does the StoryBrand framework and consulting bring to my company?

StoryBrand is one of the most compelling marketing messaging frameworks we have ever encountered. It helps clients in any industry clarify their message so customers listen, and it helps us create the right words to make our clients a lot of money.

What do you need from me during the free consultation?

The short answer: your feedback. During this consultation, we will work through a series of questions to gain an idea of your business goals and messaging. From there, we map out the right kind of solution to get you to your business goals using digital marketing.

Do you design marketing materials that aren’t digital, such as mailers and print ads?

Yes! If it has words, they need to be the right ones, so we make sure you’re saying the right thing on a wide variety of marketing assets.

How will a sales funnel help my company’s digital marketing presence grow?

The last thing you want is your contacts to forget about you. Developing a sales funnel allows you to continue communication with your contacts and provide them with added value.

I need my website and marketing completely redone. Do you provide complete marketing and branding overhauls?

Rebranding is one of our favorite projects and our most popular service. The truth is, we don’t want you to waste money on marketing. This means that if your brand identity isn’t clear, we’re going to let you know and work with you to deliver the right message to your audience.

Does your copywriting include creating and maintaining my blog?

It can. Blogging isn’t a magic wand that immediately improves SEO, but it can be a really effective way to communicate value to your customers.

Does your digital marketing strategy include regular reporting and updates?

We believe communication is an essential part of doing business. We always want you to have a  clear way of tracking the return on your marketing investment, which is why we deliver monthly reports to all of our clients. Transparency is valued at Kairos Digital.

Why The Name Kairos?

Greek n. The right moment for decision or action. The right time.

It’s critical for business owners to recognize that not all time is created equal. Chronos means “the time on the clock,” but Kairos means “the opportune time, the right moment for action.”  You don’t just need to know what time it is – you need to know what the time is for.

There are opportune moments in your business. These are choice points where you can turn the corner and see actual change. Because it’s not just a Thursday, it can be your time for action.

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Digital Marketing in Jacksonville, FL that Helps the Good Guys Win

As a business owner, you want a digital marketing plan that makes you money. The problem is that a lot of today’s digital marketing doesn’t work. Instead, it wastes your valuable time and money.

At Kairos Digital, we believe good marketing should make you money.  Our marketing team gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business while we handle the rest.

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In today’s business world, you want a digital marketing strategy that works, makes your business money and doesn’t take a lot of your time as a business owner and manager.

Sadly, we hear the same story too often when it comes to digital marketing:

  • My marketing is a money dump
  • I’m not seeing more customers or revenue
  • My marketing is taking too much time and energy
  • I’m frustrated with anything that has the word ‘marketing’ on it

At Kairos Digital, we understand the importance of being free to focus on growing your business, not stressing about your company’s marketing. We believe that good marketing should make businesses more money than they spend!

Our team focuses on getting your business the right words, website, strategy, and plan that works for you and actually helps support and grow your company. No more wondering or worrying about wasted marketing dollars – you can have peace of mind knowing your digital marketing strategy is working.

And the best part?

Kairos Digital does all the work, giving you the freedom to focus on serving your customers, leading your team, and growing your business! We provide digital marketing services in the Jacksonville, FL, area, and across the United States.  No matter your business needs, we would love to meet with you and see how our team can help your team and business succeed!

Here are a few of the digital marketing services we offer in Jacksonville and across the U.S.:

  • Brand clarification
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website development
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Marketing consultations
  • StoryBrand design
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • And much more!

Schedule a free consultation today and start your path towards marketing that works!

There are Steps You Can Take to
Improve Your Digital Marketing Yourself

Knowing where to start can be difficult. So we’re making it easier. Read our eBook “5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Digital Marketing”. These are easy changes you can make to improve your marketing and get on the right track to growing your business.

We believe good businesses should be attracting new customers. Following these steps will put you ahead of the curve when it comes time to focus on your marketing. Because we want you to succeed.

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