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That Helps the Good Guys Win

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Marketing is a Waste of Money…

…if you don’t get the words right first.

It’s easy for marketing agencies to tell you to spend money on Facebook ads, or SEO, or Google Ads. But if they’re not taking the time to get the right words, you’d be better off just saving your money.

But on the flip side, when the words are right, everything works better.

Ads have better ROI, emails get opened, customers refer more, and it’s easier to grow.

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Here's What We Do

It’s easy to talk about growth.

These are the specific things we do at Kairos Digital to make sure your business actually gets there.

Digital Marketing

  • We create and manage digital marketing campaigns that makes your life easier and makes you money. If your marketing agency can’t tell you where your marketing dollars are going, stop using them.
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Search Engine Optimization

  • We understand the importance of visibility in today’s digital landscape. As a leading SEO company in Jacksonville, FL, we help businesses achieve higher rankings on search engines.
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Website Development

  • If your website isn’t converting people, it’s wasting your money and slowing you down. Getting the right words in the right place for your website is the difference between success and failure.
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Video Production

  • From brand overview videos to course content creation, our team can take your video project from concept to completion. Take a look at some of our previously completed videos and let us know if you’d like to talk about creating one of your own.
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Graphic Design

  • Logos, brochures, one-sheeters, sell sheets, tradeshow graphics, and much more. If it’s a graphic design project, we can handle it. Plus we make the process simple and fast so you’re not waiting around forever.
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  • Sometimes you just need some content. Let’s talk about what the scope is and who we’re trying to engage. Then, we create high-performing copy that gets the results you need. Then you get to sit back and watch it work.
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Stephen Freeman

You want to know your business is going to grow. You can’t afford to waste money on marketing, especially with a marketing agency that’s going to do the same stuff everyone else is going to do.

Nothing frustrates us more than seeing good businesses run down paths that waste their time and money. We believe if you are a good business, your digital marketing should be helping you win.

We take a clarified message and translate it into your website, content, sales material, graphics, emails, business cards, (and everything else) so your business grows and you stop confusing people with your cluttered marketing message.

Skip the frustration of wasting money on bad marketing. It’s time to get a marketing plan that actually works.

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The Good Guys Should be Winning

We want to see good businesses and good organizations grow. Kairos Digital is a marketing agency that does everything from website development to digital ads so the good guys have everything they need to win. Our why is to help good organizations win. These are some of those good organizations we’re proud to have helped.

I work at a small private University. We made the decision this year not to replace our Digital Marketing Director, and instead hired Kairos to manage the campaigns for all of our programs. Working with them has been amazing. They are experts at what they do, they're committed to making sure we're using the best strategies and making the best use of our budget, and to follow-up on results of our campaigns with thorough data and analysis. They are also very detailed and prompt at everything they do.

Amy OrcuttDirector of Marketing Operations & Strategy, Texas Wesleyan University

Stephen and his team are wonderful to work with. The entire team is both professional and fun. They are efficient and the results have help our company gain more visibility, consistency, and traction.

Kristin KeenFounder, Rethreaded

The Kairos Digital team is amazing. Stephen is a wealth of knowledge, who freely shares valuable insight and guidance, and their entire team is incredible! Their understanding of brand messaging and digital marketing is exceptional - highly recommend Kairos!

Sianne SpragueFounder, Sage Creative

I've been in marketing and creative services for 25 years and I have never worked with a better digital firm! I am thrilled with Stephen Freeman and his team of mission-driven employees. Their rates were fair and transparent, their response time was unprecedented, and the work was done without a hitch. Stephen mastered the "under promise and over deliver" strategy to my absolute delight. Communication was clear and frequent, and also kind (which is a breath of fresh air these days). I highly recommend Kairos for your digital needs.

Karen PhillipsThe Tebow Group

Stephen and his team are the best of the best!! I would recommend to ANYONE! They listen, they help, they bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table without even having to ask. Kudos to the Kairos Team - top notch in every way!!

LeAnn FarrellAdamec Harley-Davidson

If I could leave 12 stars, I would. This team is dedicated, focused, communicative and care a lot about the work they do. We have worked with them for an extended period of time and I can safely say over that time that we have received exceptional work- from written copy to design to video. I would highly recommend anyone work with Kairos. They are the real deal and I am so glad our paths crossed with theirs.

Hannah PniewskiEvolve Consulting

Here's How to Get Started


Schedule a Free Consultation

We talk through where you are at, where you need to get to, and what it looks like to get you there. 


Get a Plan that Works

We put together a plan to grow your business through smart marketing that doesn’t waste your money. 


Grow Your Business

We implement a strategy that makes you money and is clear and transparent in every respect. 

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Have Some More Questions?
Here are the Answers to Some Below:

Do you provide digital marketing only in the Jacksonville area, or also across the United States?

The good thing about digital marketing is that we can work with you no matter your location. Our office is located in downtown Jacksonville, FL but yours doesn’t have to be. We have clients based overseas as well as in multiple states in the US. 

Do you have set pricing plans, or can you customize your marketing plans to my company’s needs?

We customize each package to our client’s needs. Our only standard service that all of our clients go through is a brand clarity project. The purpose of this is to make sure your customers will be able to understand your message. If your message is unclear, your marketing won’t be effective.

Are you a Certified StoryBrand Guide?

Stephen was a certified StoryBrand guide for 3 years before he decided to let his certification expire. The main reason for this was to be able to focus on growing a business that could serve more clients rather than being the single expert on the team as it relates to StoryBrand.

Our team still believes StoryBrand is one of the most compelling marketing messaging frameworks we have ever encountered. It helps clients in any industry clarify their message so customers listen, and it helps us create the right words to make our clients a lot of money.

If working with a marketer who is currently a Certified StoryBrand guide, you can refer to the Clarify Your Message database of currently certified guides.

What do you need from me during the free consultation?

The short answer: your feedback. During this consultation, we will work through a series of questions to gain an idea of your business goals and messaging. From there, we map out the right kind of solution to get you to your business goals using digital marketing.

Do you design marketing materials that aren’t digital, such as mailers and print ads?

Yes! If it has words, they need to be the right ones, so we make sure you’re saying the right thing on a wide variety of marketing assets.

How will a sales funnel help my company’s digital marketing presence grow?

The last thing you want is your contacts to forget about you. Developing a sales funnel allows you to continue communication with your contacts and provide them with added value.

I need my website and marketing completely redone. Do you provide complete marketing and branding overhauls?

Rebranding is one of our favorite projects and our most popular service. The truth is, we don’t want you to waste money on marketing. This means that if your brand identity isn’t clear, we’re going to let you know and work with you to deliver the right message to your audience.

Does your copywriting include creating and maintaining my blog?

It can. Blogging isn’t a magic wand that immediately improves SEO, but it can be a really effective way to communicate value to your customers.

Does your digital marketing strategy include regular reporting and updates?

We believe communication is an essential part of doing business. We always want you to have a  clear way of tracking the return on your marketing investment, which is why we deliver monthly reports to all of our clients. Transparency is valued at Kairos Digital.

What does "Kairos" mean?

There are two words for “Time” in Greek. Chronos is the time on the clock. Kairos is the time for action. Because today isn’t just another Sunday. It can be the Sunday that matters.

Have You Done These Basics Yet?

We put together an easy reference PDF of things you can do to improve your digital marketing right now. In this PDF, we talk about:

  1. How to claim your Google My Business profile and why it’s important.
  2. Doing quick self research to see your business from the eyes of your customer.
  3. Learning about how the eye’s pattern processes information on websites.
  4. Auditing the words you’re using and quick tips on how to improve them.
  5. Avoiding playing the hero in how you talk about your business and services.

It’s free and opens in a new tab just by clicking below.

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Digital Marketing in Jacksonville, FL that Helps the Good Guys Win

As a business owner, you want a digital marketing plan that makes you money. The problem is that a lot of today’s digital marketing doesn’t work. Instead, it wastes your valuable time and money.

At Kairos Digital, we believe good marketing should make you money.  Our marketing team gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business while we handle the rest.

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In today’s business world, you want a digital marketing strategy that works, makes your business money and doesn’t take a lot of your time as a business owner and manager.

Sadly, we hear the same story too often when it comes to digital marketing:

  • My marketing is a money dump
  • I’m not seeing more customers or revenue
  • My marketing is taking too much time and energy
  • I’m frustrated with anything that has the word ‘marketing’ on it

At Kairos Digital, we understand the importance of being free to focus on growing your business, not stressing about your company’s marketing. We believe that good marketing should make businesses more money than they spend!

Our team focuses on getting your business the right words, website, strategy, and plan that works for you and actually helps support and grow your company. No more wondering or worrying about wasted marketing dollars – you can have peace of mind knowing your digital marketing strategy is working.

And the best part?

Kairos Digital does all the work, giving you the freedom to focus on serving your customers, leading your team, and growing your business! We provide digital marketing services in the Jacksonville, FL, area, and across the United States.  No matter your business needs, we would love to meet with you and see how our team can help your team and business succeed!

Here are a few of the digital marketing services we offer in Jacksonville and across the U.S.:

Schedule a free consultation today and start your path towards marketing that works!