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Kairos Digital Tech Stack – Top 7 Picks

By July 18, 2022November 4th, 2022No Comments
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Running a marketing agency means our team tries and uses a lot of different kinds of software. Over the years, we have narrowed down our favorite tech stack for doing the work we do and we thought it would be helpful to share some of our favorites with you.


Do you ever get paralyzed because you have 1,000 things you need to do but you don’t know which one to start on first today? Sunsama is the anecdote to that feeling. It integrates with project management tools, calendars, ticketing systems, and a bunch of other things so you can make sense of the chaos and be productive today.

Toggl Track

This works very well for a team dynamic where you’re trying to get a sense of time spent on each client or project. The reporting is really intuitive and it integrates with calendars and other project management tools so you don’t have to look in 10 places to get a sense of your time spent on projects.


If Apple made a payroll system, it would be Gusto. It is the most intuitive, easy, and seamless payroll software out there. And if you’re feeling extra, you can use Gusto’s implementor partner MyCore. They’ll manage the process for you along with bookkeeping, benefits, and HR support. Tell them Stephen sent you 🙂


This software is second to none. It’s an AI recording and note-taking software that integrates with Zoom. Literally, it makes it so you don’t have to take any notes on a Zoom call and you get a AI transcribed recording with bookmarks, question highlights, and more for each call. Oh, and it’s free. Which is nuts.

Agency Analytics

This is a reporting dashboard that helps you get a macro picture of all the various pieces of data out there in one place. There are a few limitations to how customizable the widgets are, but overall it does 90%+ of what you’ll need out of a live reporting dashboard for your campaigns.


This is a bookkeeping company that is super easy to work with and takes the day-to-day bookkeeping work off the plate of companies. It’s affordable, easy, and a good software dashboard for easy use.

Instant Agency Tools

If you’re familiar with the Traction/EOS system it can be hard to find a good digital dashboard to run your Level 10 meetings, track issues, and take meeting notes with to-dos, goals, etc. There is a paid dashboard out there, OR you can use this free one that (in my opinion) works better than the paid version. It’s literally free and works crazy well, so if you’re running traction in an Excel or Google sheet, this is a no-brainer.

Final Note

We hope you’ll check out these softwares and see how well they work into your tech stack. At Kairos Digital, we’re a big fan of making things as open-source as possible because we don’t believe that competitors actually exist. In our mind, every other business in our vertical is either an ally toward the same end of advancing good businesses or they’re not even playing the same game. So we want to be as open-handed as we can with information like this so everyone can win.