Three Questions Everyone Asks When They Look at Your Website

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A lot of websites fail a basic test you might not be aware of.

The biggest reason? It’s really easy to fail it – especially when you weren’t sure what the questions were.

Here’s the good news. You’re about to get the questions in advance so you can make the best use of your website you can.

The Three Questions Everyone Asks When They Look at Your Website

  • What do you sell?
  • How will it make my life better?
  • What do I need to do to buy it.

Sounds pretty easy?

Just a little too easy actually.

You see, most people •coughmarketers* *coughbusinessowners* think marketing language is something high, poetic, clever, witty. Something with a kind of punch to it – a little bit of a pun of insider language and also has a cute double meaning.

But it’s not. Which is why it’s so easy to miss the mar. You’re aiming a mile above it.

What Do You Sell?

This past week, I was reviewing a website for a sales coach.

I looked at the top left corner…cute insider name. I looked at the top right corner…social media icons, phone number, and email address. I looked at the main section in the middle…”Welcome to [business name]!” Watch this Video to Learn More About [Insider Language]” and a video with insider language for the caption.

What was missing?

The words “Sales Coach” anywhere.

This means any potential prospect has to burn calories and waste time just to figure out what on earth you are selling. There are many mysteries in this world…what you are selling shouldn’t be one of them.

Don’t assume people know what you do. You have to tell them.

Was it the sales coach’s fault? Not at all. Take a look at your own website. Without intentionally deciding to make it clear, you are probably also confusing people by not literally telling them what you do.

How Does it Make My Life Better?

Do not assume people already know how their lives will be better if they choose to work with you. If you are telling someone a story, you don’t let them guess the ending – you tell them.

There is a success you help people achieve. To neglect talking about the success is to create a gap in the story and leave people wondering if you’re the best person to get them there.

Just pick 2-3 positive outcomes and then tell them. Will they save time? Save money? Save effort? Be stronger, more confident, richer?

If you tell them what the ending can look like, then they are more likely to trust you to get them there.

What Do I Need to Do to Buy It?

Think your website is clear?

What’s in the top right corner of your home page?

  • If it’s social media icon links, go ahead and slap yourself on the forehead.
  • If it’s a random menu item (blog, about us, locations, etc.) slap yourself on the forehead twice.
  • If it’s a button saying something passive like “Learn More” or “Contact Us” then just shift awkwardly in your seat and get comfortable with the idea that you’re about to change it to something better.

The top right corner of your website is like beachfront property. If you’ve put a mobile home on beachfront property, you’re missing the point of real estate – location location location.

We are accustomed to reading left to right, top to bottom. That means our eye moves in a Z pattern throughout the page. Which puts the top right corner as the must-have intersection for your call to action.

A call to action is not passive. It is a call…to…action. It’s the one big thing you want every single person to do on your website.

  • Schedule a Consultation
  • Call Now
  • Find a Clinic
  • Start Your Project
  • Book a Time
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Etc.

Without this, your customer is not being invited to join something. They are being presented with a buffet of options and expected to pick out whatever they want from your menu. That’s not service – it’s a lack of service.

Service is helping people solve problems. And I promise you. No one is coming to your website to solve the problem of reading your blog.

Even this blog, you will notice, is not in the main navigation of the website. Because if someone comes to our site, I do not want them to read blogs. I want them to get their marketing problems solved by scheduling a free consultation.

What’s Next?

If you improve those three areas of your website’s home page, it will help a lot. If you need more help with your marketing message, lead generation, graphic design, digital ads, etc. you can always book a free consultation, and we’d be glad to help.

We understand how frustrating it can be to waste money on marketing. That’s why we’ve worked with businesses just like yours to clarify their marketing and improve their marketing strategy.


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